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Who is Steven Boddie and Why Tavern by the Hall

You can call me Stevie B!

My goal is to provide customers with the best possible entertainment, food, beverage, and social experience in downtown Hamden.

I have been in the restaurant/bar entertainment arena for over 30 years. I have gone from busboy to lead cook to the manager of back-house operations, as well as being a bartender. I have also entertained customers as a DJ and as a member of a band.

My passion for knowing and understanding all facets of the industry will provide a unique customer experience for all who patronize Tavern by the Hall.

This once Irish pub serves great food, great drinks, and provide great entertainment to all without forgetting the heroes, firefighters, and veterans it once served for so long.

My passion for good food, community, and supporting each other has brought me to this once Irish Pub in Hamden, CT

We pride ourselves on our customer service.


Once you visit Tavern by the Hall, you will return again and again.

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